I should be dancing

couple dancing
Lyric from ‘Dancephobia’ by Duran Duran

I can honestly say, I don’t like dancing. I like watching people dance but I don’t do it myself. I dance alone when no one sees it but that’s as far as dancing goes. I get embarrassed easily. I hated discos in school. We had those a couple of times. I dreaded the time when we had them. I couldn’t get away from it either. When someone asked me to dance, I declined. I’m sorry but I do anything so I don’t have to take part in dancing. It’s not that I can’t dance, it’s more about other people being there. When it comes to the traditional dancing, the only dance I know is the waltz. In my head, everything seems to work but when I try to dance, the reality is totally different. I can’t even try any moves Michael Jackson did. I’m amazed how people learn to dance like him.

If I got married, which will never happen, I wouldn’t dance. I’ve never been to one either but if I did, I would just watch other people dancing. Dancing isn’t my type of fun. My mother was totally different. She loved it. She danced since she was a teenager and she continued until she couldn’t anymore. She met my father at a dance. That’s how people met at the time. Maybe some still do. Dancing is a good way of staying in shape. These days when young people go out dancing, the places have too much noise. You can’t talk there without shouting and I hate that. I can’t understand how people can have a discussion in a club. If I want to meet people, I go to a place where there isn’t much noise. I like talking to people where I don’t have to repeat myself because they can’t hear.

If we danced through life, we would miss the most important things. Dancing in a sense of a metaphor. We need to stop for a while when things get hectic. Life is like dancing. There are steps you have to learn and practice to get better at it. If you lose the rhythm, you have to start again. Everyone fails from time to time but you shouldn’t stop dancing. We fall to get up again. Life is too precious to worry about things we can’t control. There are bad and good things in the world. Everything isn’t a fast dance move, you also need slow ones. I’ll never dance to someone else’s tune. Meaning, I should be dancing but on my own terms. That goes for everyone. Do what you want with your life because it’s yours and no one should tell you how to live it.



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