Advent calendar Box 19

advent calendar 19

Every introvert can relate to this question. Why are you so quiet? There are reasons why we are but why do we need to explain it? Loud people don’t question themselves why they’re loud. Introverts don’t need to explain anything. People should really keep that question to themselves. We all can’t be loud, can we? Some of us need to think. The world has too much noise anyway. If someone is an introvert, let them be. There is no need to tell us.

You might just as well ask why some people wear certain clothes. Why they listen to certain music? Why some don’t care about certain things? And so on. Why is introversion such a problem for some? Even if they don’t mean to hurt your feelings, it still feels like it’s not acceptable to be quiet. When I was younger, some thought I’m quiet at home too. Well, I’m not. I have manners in public and I don’t need to be loud to feel good about myself.

Introverts don’t think they’re quiet. At least not me. I’m as loud as I can me, in my head. When someone says how quiet I am, I don’t have time to think what to reply so I don’t say anything. I don’t get upset at the person though. I usually start to think about it much later.  I have a lot of those ‘I wish I would have said that’ situations. Or like last night when I started to think about this. I have a lot of thought so if I had a conversation with someone, they couldn’t keep up. My subjects change rapidly in my head. Besides, the best conversations happen in my mind.

If someone asked me why I’m quiet, I could tell them a lot of reasons. I only talk when I have something to say. If no one asks questions I won’t say anything. Why I’m also quiet is because the subjects people talk about doesn’t interest me or I can’t relate to it. Why would I talk about something I don’t know anything about? I hate it when other people do it. If you don’t know what you’re really talking about, then you shouldn’t pretend you do. It will only make you look silly. People who really know me don’t think I’m quiet. You should really see me in my comfort zone. I’m not only an introvert but I’m also a Gemini. I’ve got two kinds of personalities. I don’t show emotion in public and when I do, it’s real.

We all should really stop categorising other people. In the end, we’re all human and we all do mistakes. You should accept introverts as much as extroverts. Not forgetting ambiverts. We should work together and not against. Why can’t we just all get along? We’re only here a short period of time and we should make the most if it, in harmony.


2 thoughts on “Advent calendar Box 19

  1. Yes, I relate! Call me cynical – but what I think it boils down to is that the question is really – why aren’t you contributing? Why aren’t you making money? – That’s not what the person asking means but its the motivation behind it driven by social pressure. Quiet people are not good consumers.


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