Awkwardly disappeared

sunset in train station

No, I haven’t awkwardly disappeared. I’ve just been “busy” Well, doing other things than writing a blog. Like writing fan fiction or being outside. It’s been really hot here which is awkward at this time of year. It’s called ‘helle’ an annoying word in Finnish. It means heat, over 25 Celsius. I can’t understand why someone can love something that hot. Don’t people sweat at all? If it’s that hot in May, then June and July must be cooler. At least I hope so. Heat makes me annoyed and my skin itch like hell because of the sweat. If it at least would be some wind, then I could handle it. I wish I could just disappear somewhere until the heatwave is gone. Those irritated weather broadcasters. They are like everyone likes hot weather. Even the word ‘helle’ says it all. Hell. From 20 to 22 celsius is enough. But 25 or over, no thank you. We already had 29 celsius and I hated it even if there was some wind.

The problem with hot weather is the nights. You want to keep the window open but then those selfish smokers wake up in the middle of the night to spread their poisonous smells around. They do that on their balconies during the day too. Party poopers. If that’s not it, then it’s someone walking by and talking loudly. Luckily there haven’t been nights like that yet. I’m really don’t look forward to those hot nights. At least this kind of weather will disappear and it doesn’t last forever. Finland has a long winter so this May weather is not all awkward. It’s lighter outside much longer so Finns are happier too.

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