Graduate in patterns

Graduate patterns
Made in Canva. Background photo by me (Mia)

It seems I’ve only been a graduate and nothing much else. I haven’t got a job even if I studied a lot of things. I see patterns here. Maybe I’m just meant to be a graduate. I’m not getting any younger and soon no one definitely doesn’t want to hire me. The last time I was a graduate was two years ago in web design. It’s really sad people only recognize you if you have job experience. I have at least done something. Maybe people think I’m just lazy and useless. I don’t feel that myself. I studied because I want to learn new things and because finding a job in this country is impossible if you’re an introvert. You’re not appreciated either if you haven’t been to a certain school. If it’s not an official qualification that has been approved by the Finnish National Agency for education, it’s not a real education. It shouldn’t matter because it’s what you can do that count. Especially if it’s a creative occupation.

There is a lot of bias against certain schools and one of them is Helsinki Design School. Next time I graduate is in June which is soon. Just because it’s not an official qualifying, employers don’t appreciate it at all. I don’t think it won’t change this time either. I studied photography there in 2014-2015. One of my fellow students went to a job interview once and was laughed off. Some attitude from that employer. It’s a private school which isn’t very common in Finland. It’s still an education where you learn things. People in Finland probably think creative jobs are science fiction where you need to be a professor to succeed. But it’s actually not that hard. It’s a real shame you’re not given a chance to prove yourself if you’re not highly educated. If someone has the time and money to get a master’s degree (or whatever), then let them but I don’t want to learn the same things several times. I already studied a 2-year qualification and educations longer than that are too long.

I’m not made for a job that doesn’t require creative thinking. I’ve tried office jobs but they bore me to tears. My aim has always been on the creative side. When I read about people suggesting to other people to find a new occupation I scream inside. I haven’t even started the current one. Some people can stay at their current jobs as long as they wish but I will rather be without one. At least I can be myself and not having to be in a workplace where you don’t even fit in. A lot of people have jobs they don’t like but need to stay to earn money. They don’t have time to study new things because life gets in the way. I might have been in many graduations but I also not stuck in my ways. Studying in general is good for your mind. When you graduate from something you feel you’ve achieved something. That’s the biggest award you can ever get.

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