Finding your own sound is not easy

sheet music as birds
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Finding your style. Finding your niche. Finding your voice. There are different ways to say it. You can also say, finding your sound and it doesn’t need to mean music or any other sound thing. Finding something I want to do that I wouldn’t get bored of has been the hardest thing. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve studied more than work. Sometimes I wonder if I chose the wrong sound.

In blogging, finding the right niche hasn’t been the easiest. I know I wanted to be different and write about a lot of things but a lot of people don’t want to read about everything. I wouldn’t either because there are only 24 hours a day and I need to sleep. Recently my posts haven’t got that many likes which make me wonder are my blog posts uninteresting. I mean, I do have 671 followers and only a small part likes the posts. Maybe I’m just nitpicking. My kind of blog wouldn’t get 50+ and I’m not expecting that either. I’m really glad I get likes for my older posts from time to time. Finding your sound in blogging doesn’t come easy. You have to experiment and then find the sound later. That’s just a hint for new bloggers out there. Unless you’ve already found yours.

When I studied graphic design in Helsinki Design School, our illustrator teacher said something like. It’s not about being a person who thinks they can’t draw, it’s about what style you have. I don’t remember if it was exactly like that though. So my style must be drawing awful and ugly things. Yeah, that will sell. Just being sarcastic there. Drawing just isn’t my thing and why should I try to get better at it. There are a lot of other real artists out there. I don’t know what my sound in graphic design I have. There seem to be so many others doing the same thing so how can I compete with those. Maybe when boring and nothing special gets popular. The education was supposed to motivate me but it was the other way around. The teachers were just too nice to tell me I didn’t have what it takes. Maybe it’s my imagination. All I feel is a failure when it comes to design in general. But don’t take it as a white flag for surrender. What do teachers know anyway? Pro or not. They just teach you the basics and the rest you have to find out yourself.

I’ve found the sound I want to dance to and that’s something creative. I never wanted to do anything “normal” I could do something like that for a while but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time. I don’t want to do just one creative thing but several things. Finding your own sound doesn’t happen overnight. It takes some time to find it but I’m sure I will.

5 thoughts on “Finding your own sound is not easy

  1. Hi Mia, I love your blogs.📄 Everyone has to find their own niche with anything they do and this includes blogging. This old girl felt the same way as you are now. What am I doing wrong?🤔 How come I don’t have as many followers as others or likes?
    Then I thought “Hope why do I want to be similar to other bloggers?” I’m my own person, not a follower. Always remind myself “we are all born unique!”😎
    You know what Mia, my blogs are like “gallimaufry, hodgepodge” 😉of things I find that might make someone smile, laugh, learn something new, tidbits and I also use the daily words by different websites or think of my own. Yes I am bonkers. 😊When I stumble on something that I find unique and also wanted to let others what is out there.
    So Mia, keep up the great work!!!! 🖋
    PS: I love all my followers whether they “like” one blog or “don’t like”. Always keep in mind people may read blogs but just don’t push the button for many different reasons. ☺🤗


  2. Hi Mia,
    Back when WordPress had their “First Friday” feature and new bloggers were asking for help, I gave this bit of advice and some said it really increased their readership. I’ll pass it on to you, for what it’s worth.
    Re: categories & tags. You’ll find these become your blog’s filing system in time, so choose them wisely. I use Categories as “file drawers” and tags as files within the drawer, the subsections. For example, Health as a category; cancer, fatigue, or vaccines as tags.
    Categories and Tags send your post to the appropriate section of the Reader so more people can find it. Word Press allows up to 15 C’s & T’s, so use as many as are pertinent. Choose Categories and tags that other people will want to read. check for lots of ideas.
    Tags you could have used on this post: Thoughts, Musings, Random, Work, Personal, Blogging, Writing, School
    “About Me” doesn’t really cut it; Personal, Journal, & Reflections work better as tags.
    I hope this helps you; spread the word a bit more and others will find you.


  3. Good words, Mia! Don’t worry about the likes; they’ll come. I’ve found that many people lack the stamina to sustain a blogging effort beyond the initial heady rush of excitement it brings, so your list of followers will never be representative of how many eyeballs actually view your posts on a daily basis. Post frequently, participate in as many writing prompts & Blogger challenges as you can, and most importantly, view fellow Bloggers’ responses to prompts and challenges and interact with them. The likes will come!

    Keep fighting the good fight!


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