Busy, busy bee

As you probably know, my photography school started today. So it’s gonna be busy, busy. I will update this blog but maybe not as much. Especially the days I spend my days in school. Plus the travelling. It’s only gonna be 2 days and once a month. This week it was 3 days.

The first assignment is finding 10 photos that defines me. But how to find 10, that’s the problem. And I should send the assigment to the teacher this evening. A little panic arousing. But the real panic will be tomorrow (Friday). We are suppose to explain why we chose those. I totally crew up my presentration today. I just don’t like talking about myself to 39 other strangers. They might think I’m a total weirdo. But let them. Maybe tomorrow I will be less nervous. I should get cracking.

“And then she lied to me. She told me she was just tired. But the truth was, she didn’t want to me my friend no more”


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