Untitl dot dot,won’t be bothered

If I got something for free, it would be strength to do things. I’m so lazy. Even writing this post, is blah. And where is the The Daily Post Writing Challenge? That was fun to do. It’s the end of January and still nothing.

Let’s continue. I haven’t mention school much. It’s going great. Mostly 3’s and 4’s for the assignments. 5 is the highest grade. One of the latest assignments is to take photos of 5 strangers. I’m trying to put that off as long as I can. We are supposed to go up to them and ask for a photo. As an introvert that’s the most difficult thing there is. Like I wrote before.
We’re gonna have 2 extra school meetings in March and April. Which is a good thing and it’s with a teacher we like very much. So far she’s given us the best feedback. We, I mean class mates. They’re really wonderful even if I haven’t really talked to them. It’s always nice to go to school when there are that kind of people in it. Soon the school is over and it’s goodbye. But that’s for the future. There’s been a few disappointments for some students about this course. I usually realise things afterwards. So far this school was the right choice. There’s always disappointments but what is perfect?! I was surprised there even were students that already are pro’s. I thought it was for those that didn’t have a photography degree yet.
What has been most disappointing for me is how little of those “contacts the school have” and “the extensive network the school have” Where are they? A few of the students have got internships but it has nothing to do with the school. They had to do everything themselves. Maybe the contacts are only for the other students, not the photographers. It’s unfair if it’s that’s the case.

Oops, I wrote more than I planned 😀 One more thing. 3 words, Sons of Liberty. It’s a miniseries about Sam Adams (played by lovely Ben Barnes ❤ ) I don’t know much about American history so I leave it at that. It was really good.

PS: Today it’s the birthday of Christian Bale. Just mentioning.


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