Someday that did not happen

big treeWhen I was younger, I used to have dreams about things. Someday I would move abroad. Someday I would become something. Someday I would find someone to love. Someday I would find a career I’m comfortable with. Someday I’ll become a Formula 1 photographer. But that someday never came. Things never turned the way I wanted them to be. I learned to accept the way things were. Now I wouldn’t have the same goals as I did then. My priorities changed as I got older. I began to take the days as they came and I still do. I don’t plan far ahead because I know they won’t become true. No matter what others say, it won’t happen to me. If it would, it would have happened ages ago. I’ll never meet people I want. I never get satisfaction in anything I do. I’m pleased with things but I never feel 100% sure. I live in a world where everything is good. I don’t want to the worlds problems on my shoulders. There are things I care about but I wouldn’t spend my time by following them for very long. Things will never be fine in the world. I can feel empathy but it doesn’t make me lose my sleep over it. I’ve got enough of my own problems to solve. I would be a very bad psychologist because I found other people’s problems uninteresting. Even if I’m interested in human behaviour, I still wouldn’t care less. It might have sounded bad about what I just wrote but other people’s problems are no concern of mine. I don’t expect others to care about mine either.

I might be pessimistic here but I don’t believe in someday. There won’t be a cure for cancer someday. There won’t be peace in the world someday. We can only hope there is a cure but it doesn’t mean it will come true. There’s always been bad things in the world. Things can get better but it will never be over. You can’t get rid of hate and you can’t spread love to everyone. Idiots of the world has always been and always will be around. You can make the world a better place by spreading love but it won’t have any affect on certain people. It’s no use to think someday a miracle would happen when that someday will never come no matter how much you wish for it. Still it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the someday. Maybe it will come or it might not.

That someday only happen to other people than yourself. Someday someone wins the lottery but that won’t be me. Someday a little child hugs you for no reason at all but that ain’t gonna be me. Someone else will meet a famous person they look up to someday but not me. I’ll never be that lucky. I will not find love someday because I’m not even looking. If I did, he’s probably taken or wouldn’t even care. I did think someday I would change the subjects on this blog to more personal but that never happened. Someday is not really my friend. On the contrary, it’s a pain in the behind. The only certainty that someday will happen is death. It comes to all of us one way or another.




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