One riff at the time

quitar riffI take days as they come. In another word, one riff at a time. I don’t like to plan ahead because if I do, things won’t go the way I want it. I’ve had too many disappointments in my life.

If I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow. How would I know what I do in 5 years? I might have plans for a few days at a time but not what I do in the long run. I like it that way because life is full of surprises. You never know where it will take you. I thought my mother would have been around for years but cancer took her away. That’s something you can’t plan. I lived day by day even more after that.

When I started this blog, I didn’t think it would interest people. Maybe a few but I never thought I would get over 400 followers. That might not sound a lot a lot but for me, it’s a great achievement. It’s taken at least 4 years getting here but better late than never. This not blog doesn’t have fashion, food or any other subjects out there. That was the whole point of starting this. Being different. Blogging doesn’t need to be something you make money from. It can also be a hobby. So if I had planned how this blog would be, it would have ended in tears. But since I didn’t have high expectations or any goals, I haven’t had the need to be disappointed. I’ve taken one riff at a time. From one post to another and will continue so.

I can always wish what could happen but that only makes me sad inside. Too many times I’ve dreamed about things but they’ll never be a reality. It’s dreams that are impossible to fulfil. I’ll never meet people I want to meet. I’ll never get a chance to experience what I want to experience. But these things come and go. Some things are not meant to be and that’s OK. Fantasy and reality are two different things. You have to take what is given and make the best out of it. I take one riff at the time. If people want to plan their life on year bases, I let them. It just isn’t for me. I like to be surprised. I wish they would be something positive for a change.






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