IBQ Writing Prompt: Vacation

Most people would go on vacation to see the sights or somewhere with a beach. But my vacation would be totally different.

As a sport fan, it had to be a live event. A dream would be to go follow a tennis tournament, maybe Wimbledon. Even US Open could be good. I wouldn’t just want to see the matches but also meeting the players. Especially my two favorite male players, Novak Djokovic and Tommy Robredo. Maybe following their preparations for the matches. Not into autographs, I rather talk to them. I would stay in a fancy hotel where all the tennis players would stay.

My other dream vacation would be attending an auto racing competition. It could have been a Formula One race but I’m not so into that anymore. Both Le Mans 24 hours and 6 hours of FIA WEC would be nice. The same with that like with tennis, be in the paddock and meet the drivers. Just to feel the atmosphere. The main thing of course would be meeting my favorite driver which I wanted to do for 10 years.

Going to New Zealand would be a dream vacation as well. Even better if I could get a tour around the country with a local. Why not Peter Jackson for example. I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures of the country. Not only because of the movies. But in general.

So that’s what I would do on my vacations. Even better if I didn’t have to pay a dime. Wouldn’t that be great?

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