Privacy is my right and so is yours

whatever-is-private-will-remain-privateEveryone has the right to privacy, even people in the public eye. It’s your choice what you want to tell people. You don’t need to tell anything about yourself if you don’t want to. People think just because someone is famous, they have the right to know everything about them. You don’t need to know everything. If someone elses life is that important, then your own life must be miserable. They should really get help because following someone elses life too closely is not healthy. Those who spread rumours around must just be jealous of the person. People have the urge to speculate about which celebrity is dating who. That’s no one elses business but their own. There are more important things than someone’s dating history.

I try to keep my life private. That’s because I’ve had people in my life that I lost my trust in. I’m careful what I tell about myself to new people. You could say I have trusting issues. I’m trustworthy myself. If someone tells me a secret I never tell anyone but I can’t trust another to keep my secret. Even if the person says I can trust them, I still don’t believe them. I really need to know the person very well before I can confide in them.
Even if I say it myself, I could date someone in the public eye because I would never tell anyone. Who would I tell anyway, I don’t have any close friends. If I had I would still keep it to myself no matter how happy I would be. I’ll never meet one anyway and if I did, you would never see me in parties or premieres. Those things freak me out. I don’t really like the word, celebrity. It sounds and looks like they are people from another planet. In a way they are but in the end they’re only human who just happens to be famous.

On social media like Facebook I have my privacy restricted so only my followers can read it. Some things you just don’t want everyone to see. But on Twitter it’s all public because if it was restricted, there wouldn’t be a point for me to use it. I wouldn’t get enough of reaction if only my followers would see what I tweet about. Sometimes I get likes and retweets from who doesn’t follow me but there wouldn’t be much if I had it in private. On Twitter I don’t post so-called sensitive issues. Except this blog post. I still won’t post too private things to this blog and even less on social media. Privacy is my right and so is everybody elses. It only depends how you use it online. Tell it all or keep it to yourself. It’s your life and you can do what you like with it.

I know you're there. Why do you linger in the shadows?

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