A simple life?Yeah right


Why are things made so difficult? Why can’t this life be a simple one? Even on WordPress, you need to click several times to get to the dashboard. It was so much better before. I like simple things. What I learned in the web design education, a visitor shouldn’t need to click and search for things on a web site and that’s what WP is doing. Going to the Reader should be under one click like it was before. Now you need to click twice to get somewhere. But you get used to things but yet it should be done as simply. When I make web sites I do them as simple as possible. You can still have a great web site even if it looks simple.

If you apply for a job, you have to convince others that you’re good enough to be chosen. But that’s not good enough. You need all these diplomas and degrees to show that you can do something. It’s not enough that you tell and show them what you’re good at. Of course there are others who apply for the job too. A person who does have all these degrees probably can’t do the job but yet they get it. It shouldn’t be so difficult. You’re good at something and boom you’re hired. But they want to do things the hardest way. I could do a lot of different jobs but I still can’t find anything. Before you could just walk in to a company to ask for a job but now you have to send applications. That’s another difficult thing to do. Why can’t it be anything simple instead?

Nothing is free. You have to work to get somewhere in life. You live and learn. The older you get, more difficult it is. Learning new things at 16 and learning at 40 something is totally different. It take much longer but you can still learn. If things were simple, anyone could do it. I used to hate to going the unemployment center and other places like that. I was always so nervous so I kept going through my head what could go wrong. I wish it would have been easier for me but I made it much worse than it was. Now you don’t have to go anywhere and I wish there was internet when I was younger. Everything is online but it’s not simple there either. You need to sign in and remember passwords. You can’t have simple words because of security reasons.

Why is it so hard to write a blog post? I had ideas to write this but when I started writing, all the ideas disappeared. I want a simple mind but instead I get distracted by something else. Sometimes I wish I had a one-dimensional brain so I could stick one road of thoughts. Some have a train of thought. I have a road. It goes straight but sometimes I get sidetracked. I can listen to a person and then I start to think about something else during a conversation. I’ve worked on that for years. It got better as I got older but I still notice I lose interest after a while. My life has never been simple and I think the reason is that I made it difficult. Life is what you make it and something simple can feel harder than it is. At least I manage to do simple things some people can’t.




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