I am an introvert, therefore I observe

observed mongoose

Introversion is something that should be talked about over and over again. Many times people think I don’t observe but the truth is the other way around. It might look I’m not doing anything but I do notice my surroundings. If there are people around, I can hear what they are saying. When other people keep blabbing I observe. You can notice a lot of things by just listening. Even if I’m concentrated on something like writing, I still have my senses open. It’s like a secret weapon that fools everybody.

I might not talk a lot but I’m not hard of hearing. That goes for introverts in general. People think you don’t have anything in your head. It’s actually the opposite. There goes a lot. We just choose who we talk to. What’s the point talking about something you don’t have an opinion on? I hate the feeling when someone is expecting for you to say something.  Silence shouldn’t be awkward. What’s wrong being quiet anyway? If you’re a talkative person and the other is not, why don’t you say something instead of waiting for someone else to say something. You can’t force anyone to talk if they don’t have anything to say. I should try to say, blah blah when someone is expecting for me to say something. Or maybe make an annoying sound so they would rather be in silent. Because honestly I’m tired of people thinking I don’t talk much. I talk a lot if it’s a subject I like. You won’t be able to stop me. I only open up to people I know something about. I don’t talk to strangers. Only if I really have to.

If people would observe more, they could put themselves in someone else’s point of view. Now they just run around like headless chickens. Being a creative person, observing is my second nature. It gets better with age. More experience you get under your belt, more details you notice. You get a different perspective on life when you observe what is around you. It doesn’t matter if you’re extroverted or introverted. It takes realisation and experiencing things to be observent. This is what I observed and maybe one day someone else will too.

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