Some fluffy design

phragmites and cloudy sky
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First day over in Helsinki Design School. Travelling is tiring and a lot of information is filled in my head. This one will be a short one because I could fall asleep any minute. After all, I did wake up at 5 am and tomorrow the same. Actually, I just want to go and sleep in my fluffy bed.

Well, to make the day short, after the information about the school and the introducing ourselves, which went OK even if I was nervous. I absolutely hate that part. I don’t even know if they heard me but I don’t really care. I don’t even know what I said because I wanted out of the situation as soon as possible. I don’t know how many we are but there’s only one guy and the rest of us are girls. Oh, how fun. It’s too soon to tell what kind of people I study with. I don’t even remember their names. A lot of them haven’t done anything in graphic design. A lot of them seem to work in marketing. They’re not very talkative but I guess that’s a Finnish thing. Or they don’t want to talk to me.

We had studying as well. It was about what is good taste and the teacher showed us what is good and what is not. We also got an assignment. It’s making a made-up magazine cover. I’ve done it before so it’s not that hard. Tomorrow we’re having another teacher. She the graphic artist of the year. It’s gonna be about the history of graphic design, the present and the future. So tomorrow is another day in the graphic design world and another assignment. No more head in the clouds after this weekend that’s for sure.

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