Bloganuary: Bonjour! Buongiorno! Hola!

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There are three languages I would love to learn, Italian, French and Spanish. I already know three languages, but they are easier to learn. I’ve tried to learn Italian a few times, but it never sticks in my brain. I don’t know how people learn several languages. I don’t see the point of learning a language I never get the chance to use. Travelling to those countries won’t be possible when I don’t have that kind of money. Learning to speak and spell a language are two different things. French is especially tough to spell. I would have to check for the spelling online all the time. It’s harder to learn a language the older you get. If I’d learned the languages I wanted to learn when I was younger, I might know how to speak them now. Like I did with English. But then again, you hear English all the time, so it’s easier to learn.

When I was in business school for a few months, we learned German. The language is easier to learn since it’s said as it is written. But I didn’t learn it because we didn’t start from the beginning. I know a few words, and that’s it. I once tried a sentence in real life, but it was probably wrong. I’ve been to Germany in 2008 and tried to buy ice cream, but they didn’t understand, so I had to point. They say you should learn more than one language, and they should be something that isn’t English. If you’re not going to have a job that needs another language to learn, why should you waste your time on it? But learning a language is never unnecessary. You can do it to learn a new skill.

I have so many other things to learn, so my brain doesn’t have enough room to learn a new language. Learning Italian, Spanish and French would be nice, but I don’t think I have time to learn. The question was, what language do you wish to learn. I didn’t say I would do something about it. If you don’t try, you don’t know, and I have tried. Learning a new language isn’t on my agenda. I prefer getting better at English, so I put my energy into that.

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