The Stalker

This sounds interesting Weekly Writing Challenge and since I’ve written fiction before, this one is too. Things that comes to my mind at night 😀

The Stalker

It’s late at night. A young lady at her late 20’s is walking alone down the street . She has just left work. She lives close to her work place so she would be home soon. No one else seems to be around. Her hair is light brown and in a ponytail. On her feet she’s wearing black flats. It’s a bit chilly outside. She has blue jeans, a white top and a brown jacket on. On her left shoulder she carries a middle sized bag. She keeps looking down while walking.

She’s getting closer to her building where she lives. She hears steps behind her. She doesn’t pay attention. Maybe it’s just someone walking down the street. She gets to her building. She walks up the stairs and opens the door with her key. She lives in a flat on the 2nd floor. She takes her shoes off and lay the bag on the floor when she gets there. Her flat had 2 rooms and a big bathroom. She takes her closed off, leaving only her underwear on. She gets to the bathroom and fills the large bathtub with warm water. She would take a bubbel bath. She brushes her hair and when the tub is filled, she takes her underwear off. She lays down in the tub under the water. She closes her eyes to relax. She lays there about 30 minutes. She gets out of it and takes a towel from the cupboard under the sink, to dry herself. She has washed her hair so she takes a smaller towel and wraps her wet hair in it. She looks herself in the mirror. Her bathrobe is hanging on a hanger. She puts it on and hangs the towel up to dry.

Suddenly she hears a sound from outside her bathroom. She listens and looks towards the bathroom door. The sound stops. She continues what she was doing. She fixes her eyebrows. Then she hears the sound again. Someone was in her flat. She gets to the bathroom door and opens it. She carefully sneaks out. There was no one there. She sees the front door open. She gets to it to look out to the stairway and sees a dark figure, running  down the stairs. All she could see that it was a man. She could feel her heart pounding. Who could it have been?

To be continued…

If anyone wants and if not maybe it wasn’t good enough.

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