Day 12: From comment to blog post — be inspired by the community

I hope I got this task right.

I’m always fascinated how good people’s photographs look. I never seem to get my photos looking this great.

I’ve tried to photograph foggy days but they all look grey and dull. Even though I photographed since I was 7 years old (on and off), and I even bought a better camera, is still have no idea how people do it. Maybe I just don’t have the right lens or what the problem could be.

This is the comment I made yesterday

Last summer I actually thought about going out at night somewhere to photograph. But I never did. Finland is a great place to photograph as well. Especially in the summer when it’s not dark for long. Maybe next summer. Going out in the cold (like it is now) is not very tempting. Even though I have photographed in the cold before.

I know you're there. Why do you linger in the shadows?

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