Drop the subject

Nori watching the rain
Nori watching the rain

Ever felt you wish you could just drop a subject? If it’s conversation with someone. Maybe an argument you’re having with a loved one or a friend. Whatever it is, you wish just to move on and drop the whole thing.

This is what I feel about finding a work practise place. I’m fed up with it all. Everywhere it’s a no. It’s unhuman to be rejected over and over again. I haven’t even done anything wrong. I do understand it’s difficult times for companies to take employers. Even if it’s for free. But as an introvert it’s draining to go and ask to different places. Having to repeat things over and over. Everything goes well in my head.

Today for an example. I went to a photography studio to ask but they couldn’t offer me anything. I knew it would be impossible but still I was disappointed. When I do I’ll get sad and I don’t feel like doing anything. I feel all that studying I’ve done, they’ve all gone to waste. Fall into despair even. It feels so depressing and I feel like I’m gonna stay unemployed the rest of my life. Nothing just doesn’t seem to go my way. People say I shouldn’t give up but still it feels hopeless. I’m just not ambitions enough. If it’s no can do everywhere, I’m not motivated to continue because what’s the point wasting time and energy on searching. All that walking around is exhausting as well. I rather do something more useful. Like writing my CV or something like that.

When I don’t get any work experience in photography even that feels a waste of time. Maybe I should just keep it as a hobby since it feels impossible to become more than that. I don’t know what I else I could do. Everything else feels so boring. I’m a restless soul. I need change and freedom of some sort. Even if photography sometimes makes me frustrated, it does give me satisfaction. I just don’t know if I really want to do that for a living. To become good you need to practise but I’m not that dedicated. I’m not getting any younger but who says only young people are allowed to become pro. I might not be good enough among those really good one’s but I do deserve to get at least one chance.

It would be easy to just drop the whole subject and start to think about something else. But I’ve thought about what I want to do since I was a teen and I’m tired of it. If I dropped photography altogether (not as a hobby though) just because there’s not enough work, it would be the easy way out. It seems creative work in general is hard to find. You need to be really good to stand out. You also need to be quite competitive and that’s something I lack. Maybe it would be better if I just drop out of that game.

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