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This post is not valediction of any kind. This is free writing. You usually do it in 10 minutes, but I type what comes to mind. It might take a minute or longer than that. It might not make sense, but it’s fun to do it. One piece of news, though. Finland is now officially a member of Nato. That’s all I’m going to say about that. This is supposed to be a fun post. Not funny. The fun of writing. Or typing. Either way.

I have no timer for this post. It takes so and so minutes. Like it says on the blog title. Spring is coming, but we still have snow here and there. Maybe it’s time to melt. I like spring. It’s better than summer. The sweaty season. Summers would be nice if it wasn’t hot. I will die or wish to in the future if the climate gets hotter. Maybe I’m not on this earth when that time comes. I feel sorry for the people who come after me. Those are the ones we should worry about. Even if we’re dead, we should still care today. Maybe we can’t stop climate change anymore. Sorry, this post shouldn’t be about serious stuff like that. Just mentioned it. Let’s move on, shall we?

Sent an open job application yesterday, so one each month is done. Won’t get a job, but I have done my part. Next week is back to school in Helsinki again. I haven’t done my assignment yet. It’s not an easy one, but I will get it done. I’m there to learn, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t get it. It’s not my favourite assignment. It’s about movie production. The school is on Friday and Saturday. I must go by bus on Saturday, so I hope we’re not going anywhere that day. I might miss that bus to that place. With public transportation, you never know if it will be on time.

More about spring. It’s nice that the snow melts and it isn’t chilly during the day. I can ride my bike to places. Especially when I’m going to the grocery store, and I don’t have to carry the shopping. That is heavy stuff. I don’t need to go to the gym; I carry shopping bags. I could go by car, but the store isn’t far. Walking is good for you. It makes your head clear. But cycling is even better. I don’t care about those terrible road stoppers, a.k.a. electric scooters. Do those companies who own them want people to get lazy? Those who use them can’t even park them right. Driving on the payment where people walk. It was so nice to walk outside when there were none of those anywhere. Winter is nicer because there are no scooters anywhere. Now the pain is back. Paris banned altogether them. Whoever invented those scooters are idiots. People have their friends on them. Sometimes there are three people on those scooters. They are made for one person. It’s not a taxi. No wonder young people get overweight when they don’t walk. I have nothing against those scooters; it’s the people who use them that I can’t stand. Not all are bad, but a lot are. They have no idea about traffic rules. It’s a jungle out there.

I think it’s enough free writing. If people read it or not. That’s the valediction of this post.

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