Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years

This Weekly Writing Challenge really is a challenge. I don’t want to reveal too much about myself. I’m still sticking to the “no personal stuff” policy on this blog. So I won’t get into much detail.

Age is a thing I’ve never had any problems with. But it’s the society that seems to have. People expect you to have a family at the age of 30 and a decent job. If you don’t, there must be something wrong with you. I’ve never had a real job (only part-time ones with no real pay), no real relationship nor bought a flat. But it still doesn’t make me a sad person. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only person on earth that doesn’t have enough of experience with anything. It feels like I’m still a teen even if I haven’t been that in years. I’m still young and have a lot of time ahead of me but somehow the society doesn’t see it that way. With society I mean, work places and such.
I still don’t think I have missed anything. I never needed to rebel. I hated parties and people drinking too much. I always thought I was more mature than other people at my age. I don’t envy those with relationship problems or people with kids. I would rather choose freedom than responsibility. That way I’m still a kid at heart.

I never knew what I wanted to be, career wise. Everything seemed to be boring. It took years and years. I’ve tried a lot of things and studied different things but still I have no career. My life seems so boring. What really upsets me it that, when I finally know what I want to do, the society punch me in the face. There is no job and if there is, you need a driver’s license. Or you have to be a student. Of course young people always seems to get internships or part-time jobs. Someone with no job experienced. When I was at that age, I didn’t get that much help. Now there’s all kinds of youth programs that gives young people opportunities to get job experiences. Where were those then?!

If I could turn back time, I would do things differently. But since I can’t, I just have to accept the way things are. All you can do is look forward. In my case, to tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to live forever. There’s enough to tolerate at the present anyway.

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